Jan 19, 2018

5 facts about fish packaging

Smart Packaging Solutions is the absolute world market leader in the manufacture of solid board fish packaging. 5 interesting facts about this impressive VPK business:

1. Solid board is moisture-resistant. Ideal for humid conditions and fresh foods. Want to take it a step further? Add a waterproof seal that can withstand the most severe of conditions. 

2. The insulation value of solid board is low. This means that fish will be frozen quicker. And frozen quicker means fresh for longer.  

3. Fish is often transported over long distances. From the north of Europe, fish producer extraordinaire, to central Africa and beyond. To bridge these long distances one requires sturdy and shock-resistant packaging.  

4. The catching of fish is seasonal. Weather conditions, the direction in which the fish are heading, worldwide quota, ... All kinds of factors that have an impact on this seasonal activity. This makes it crucial to closely observe planning and stock management of the various packaging products.

5. Smart Packaging Solutions annually produces millions of fish boxes and shrimp boxes that travel around the world in more than 1,000 containers in order to put 300 million kilograms of fish and shrimp on the menu worldwide.

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