Corrugated sheets

AQUILA: Specialist in corrugated board sheets

AQUILA’s core business is to supply producers of corrugated board packaging who do not manufacture their own corrugated sheets. The company operates four plants in Europe: three in Poland (Września, Radomsko and Brzeg), and one in Germany (Leinefelde).

Rapid growth to a leadership position

Thanks to a modern infrastructure, advanced machinery, fast production, and short delivery times, AQUILA is a vital cog in customers’ supply chains. In only a decade since the first plant was set up, AQUILA has become the Polish market leader, with a share of around 35%.

State-of-the-art facilities

Our four plants are equipped with the most modern production lines. Manufacturing on a 2800 mm wide corrugated web with a maximum speed of 350 meters per minute allows a total annual production of around 200 million square metres per factory. Advanced systems guarantee fast, reliable and precise delivery of products to meet your most demanding technical and delivery expectations.

Your strategic partner

Our range of corrugated sheets meets the expectations and requirements of the local market. This applies to the assortment of flutes available and possible configurations, as well as the technical specifications of the sheets produced. 

Moreover, AQUILA offers outstanding service together with specialist knowledge. This enables the company to provide strategic support for the business development of a wide group of packaging producers. One of the key strengths of the company is its flexibility to provide smaller volumes to its customers.

Innovative product portfolio

AQUILA offers a broad assortment of single-wall and double-wall corrugated cardboard in multi-profile flutes. A wide variety of papers is used in the manufacturing process, ranging from basic recycled grades – testliners and wellenstoffs – to high quality, high performing kraftliners and flutings. 

The company’s R&D Department constantly improves the quality of its products in specially designed labs. Our researchers are continually striving to improve the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of AQUILA products, and to optimise the use of materials and resources employed in manufacturing processes.

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