Recycling paper: The core of our activities

VPK Packaging Group’s two strategically located paper mills in Dendermonde, Belgium (VPK Paper) and Strasbourg, France (Blue Paper) produce 900,000 tons of paper per year, exclusively made from 100% recycled paper. Our four paper machines produce high quality, exclusively recycled paper which is the base material for all our packaging materials. And of course it can be fully recycled at the end of its life cycle, thus closing the loop. 

What’s what?

Here’s a short overview of our four paper types: 

  • Flute: recycled fluting grade made of 100% selected recovered paper for a steady runnability.
  • Liner: brown testliner made of 100% recovered paper for the optimal protection and the best visual presentation of the end product. 
  • One: our double-use high performance paper One is a combination of VPK Flute and VPK Liner, and thus enables our customers to optimize their stock reserves.
  • Grey board: used for the integrated production of cores and edge protectors cores and edge protectors and solid board

Still growing

A strategic expansion has been recently accomplished by the joint venture Blue Paper. VPK supports Blue Paper with its considerable know-how and experience in the corrugating packaging industry. Its impressive 8.5 metre wide paper machine is one of the widest in Europe, perfect for producing the common width of modern corrugating board plants. Read all about how we converted a magazine paper mill into a state-of-the-art corrugating base paper mill on our news page.  

Committed to sustainability

Sustainability lies at the heart of all we do, and extends to our investments in the production of green energy. In terms of energy,  the production site in Dendermonde is one of the best in class, with a very low energy cost per ton of paper produced. During the course of a year the mill is energy-autonomous. At the Strasbourg mill a CHP biomass boiler and a CHP biogas engine produce a significant amount of the required energy, keeping CO2 emissions per ton of paper at very low levels. Read our sustainability brochure for more examples of how we integrate economic growth within a sustainable framework.

Interested in a sample or quote?

Contact us and simply specify what kind of paper you would like to receive. We will be delighted to send you a sample, or a quote for any quantity that you specify.


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