Waste reduction

Our production processes lead to a variety of waste materials, most of which are being recycled or cleverly re-used. From the very beginning, VPK Packaging Group has been committed to closing the material loops, thus proving that a sustainable material management can be very rewarding on the economical as well as on the ecological side.

Keeping materials in movement proves beneficial in limiting the depletion of our natural resources. This conviction translates into a sustainability policy based on: prevention, re-use, recycling and valorization.

Residual waste is being valorized energetically (steam or electricity) or recycled. Paper and board waste is re-used as new raw material for our own production processes or for third parties. Valuable materials such as stainless steel, scrap metal, cables, wood, plastics and oil are fully recycled.

  • Also combustion ashes become raw materials for a variety of new applications, especially in the building and construction industry.
  • Active sludge from the water treatment facilities is used all over Europe for biotechnical and agricultural applications.
  • Residu is further reduced through the sorted collection of plastics, metals and high energetic waste.

This process of integral waste management helps us in the realization of our goals with respect to re-using and recycling of our waste materials.