Corporate social responsibility

As it is the case for any company, VPK Packaging Group NV is subject to economic laws. VPK Packaging Group NV has the objective to generate an annual profit to ensure the continuity of the company as a whole. VPK Packaging Group NV wishes to reach this objective taking into account its corporate social responsibility.

Continuous improvement leads to sustainable growth

This means to VPK Packaging Group NV that entrepreneurship is considered to be a process of ongoing improvement. It also means that we respect and take into account the justified concerns of the different parties involved in the business process, personnel, customers, suppliers, banks, neighbours, the community in which we operate, the environment and the climate. 

Sustainable resources help protect our environment

We re-use over a million tons of recovered paper. Continuous efforts are made to valorize the residue of the recycling process, previously dumped, e.g. by using the combustible part as fuel to generate energy. 

A minor part of the paper we use is bought from external sources and is paper produced from new wood fibres. Only FSC® certified paper is used in the VPK production process. For each tree cut in an expertly managed wood, 3 or 4 new trees are planted. This yearly increases the forest surface in the European Union by approximately 6.500 m².

Low CO² emission

Today, over 80% of corrugated packaging is collected and recycled. Since 1990 the paper industry has reduced its CO2 emission per produced ton by over 40%. And this while the industry already has a very limited CO2 emission in comparison with many other sectors. 

A safe working environment

We continuously strive to ensure our employees have a safe and healthy working environment, through permanent actions to prevent work floor accidents, but also by an ongoing care for the safety of the equipment that our employees daily use. 

Financial contributions

VPK substantially contributes to activities and initiatives alleviating or improving the fate of those less fortunate than ourselves, in Belgium and abroad. Some 200.000 € are annually donated to  national and international, renowned and less known, large and small social and cultural organizations.