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Learning and development

Within VPK Belgium we are building a strong change & leadership culture with a ‘getting things done’, ‘innovation’ & positive ‘team collaboration’ attitude. Our Learning and Development approach stands for the continuous development of the individual talents of our employees as to unlock the full potential of the (future) VPK Leaders & Specialists. On top of the regular individual trainings, VPK developed 4 extensive programs, for which we work together with the best training partners in Europe.

Leadership Essentials

Every VPK Leader has to go through a basic Leadership training, which uses INSIGHTS© as an important building block for the development of our VPK Leadership DNA. Every VPK Leader has to be able to take full ownership & we demand accountability for the results within his/her department or domain. In achieving a high performance organization we believe in a strong feedback culture, transparent communications & highly engaged employees.

Executive Management Program

With high-level trainings, workshops & seminars we are DEVELOPING STRATEGIC LEADERS to manage the current and future challenges. This program is exclusively available for our Top performers& High Potentials on an Executive Level.

Middle Management Program

This program is exclusively available for High performers and Young & High Potentials at Middle Management Level to further NURTURE their TALENTS with the goal of developing the skills & competencies to grow with the ambitions of the company.

Paper Academy

Our Paper Academy is specifically designed for the improvement of Paper & Pulp skills & knowledge within our Paper-division. The other main goals are (1) knowledge sharing between the different Paper factories within the VPK Packaging Group, (2) Internal paper-process-trainings, (3) external paper-process-trainings  with internationally acclaimed Paper Technology Schools and (4) regular seminars to exchange Insights about the ‘fundamentals of papermaking’