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Company culture and values

VPK has particular goals. We are determined to achieve operational excellence through smooth internal functioning and efficiency. We also want to be great to work with. This relates to our clients and to each other. Finally, VPK Group is committed to being a company that is great to work for. We want our employees to enjoy their work and feel proud that they are part of the VPK Group.

There are certain company values you’ll find at VPK. We believe they help in creating a workplace where you and your colleagues are able to express yourselves, develop and pursue your career goals. Get to know the drivers of our company culture. Our own moral compass.

Our company values

Our company culture is characterised by a unique set 4 strong values. They define our moral compass and shape our day-to-day business.  

We own our decisions and actions, we encourage to try new things and dare to fail, we give responsibility and cultivate initiative.

We have confidence in our people and clients, with one handshake you can set things in motion.

We are dedicated to the well-being of our people, our clients and our planet.

We anticipate the future. We accelerate where needed. We go beyond what is required.

A range of opportunities

You would be surprised by the wide range of job opportunities within VPK Group. Our job offering includes vacancies within production, ICT, supporting services, technical and engineering.

Job domains