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Peterson shines the light on packaging for Glamox lamps

New packaging design is easier to pack, provides better protection, and leads to more optimal packing on the pallet

Glamox, a leading supplier of lighting solutions to the professional building market, approached Peterson – our Scandinavian business unit  – with a challenging proposition. They wanted to move from brown boxes without printing to white boxes with printing – but the boxes needed to be easy to pack during production. This was a challenge because lamps are traditionally difficult to pack, mainly due to their uneven shape and weight distribution, and often their fragility too.

One box instead of two

Peterson and Glamox developed a new box with fixed inserts. This is immediately beneficial as it means there is only one box instead of two to deal with during packing. The new boxes lead to a higher number of units per pallet and simplify the whole Glamox packing process. The Glamox AIR lamp, for example, can now be packed 100 lamps per pallet instead of 84 with the old system. Its Ovelo lamp can be packed 72 lamps per pallet instead of 64.

Packaging optimisation

We have specialists who can optimise product packaging as well as palletizing of packages. If you have a specific packaging challenge, why not run it past them? You may be surprised at their ideas.

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