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Hello Archie opts for sustainability with VPK

Hello Archie is more than a web shop for children's items. As a brand new Belgian e-commerce player, their story is laced with inspirational choices. In their brand new web store they sell healthy, educational and high-quality products to enhance the mental and physical development of children. This is in combination with a sustainable ethos. A vision which we can identify with perfectly at VPK. Just as they focus on each unique child, we focus on each unique customer and their products. With these common mindsets, we set to work.

Designed by parents, for parents

Hello Archie is a concept store for children and their families, with a range of clothes and toys through decoration and care products. Young parents themselves, founders Birgit and Tim took the big leap this year and started their web shop at the end of June 2021.

In their role and quest as young parents, they noticed that there is a wide range of children's items on the market, but not centralised. Because of their own interest in everything to do with sustainability and health, and the stage of life their family is in, the idea grew to do something with it themselves.

Located in Lokeren, with a 350 m² warehouse and an 'experience centre', Hello Archie focuses strongly on personal contact and a homely atmosphere so that customers can make their choice in peace. They give advice after first listening carefully to what their customers are looking for. An approach that is very much in line with that of VPK. The focus of Hello Archie is, in addition to the sustainable aspect, also on educational and natural products. Visually the product should also be eye-catching and appealing, so the items they offer also fit nicely into the parents' interior.
Hello Archie_boxes

Multifunctional packaging

Based on the different products that Hello Archie offers, we suggested a number of types of boxes and models that are best suited for this. It is crucial for every e-commerce player that every package offers the necessary strength and protection, and this was no different in their case. When parents or children eagerly await the arrival of their package, everything must of course arrive intact. VPK supplies Hello Archie with three different boxes: two American boxes and one e-commerce box, all used for shipping products.
Hello Archie_box open

Building on a sustainable philosophy

Corrugated cardboard packaging was an obvious choice for Hello Archie. Sustainability runs like a thread through the company's philosophy, so they absolutely wanted to work with recycled material for their packaging. In addition, VPK's corrugated cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable.

The quality and the reusable elements of the packaging are also assets. Did you know that there are nice hidden messages that encourage you to reuse the boxes? For example, Hello Archie regularly receives photos from people who use the box after purchase to store toys or drawings. A perfect example of how we at VPK aim to extend the lifecycle of our boxes.
As a company we are close to our customers and their products, in this case literally. Our local production in Oudegem was one more reason for them to choose VPK.

Appropriate look and feel

Packaging is multifunctional and provides visibility for the brand. For a new company like Hello Archie, it is all the more important that the packaging supports the profiling and positioning. A requirement within e-commerce that should not be underestimated. We put our creative heads together and managed to create an appropriate look and feel that perfectly matches who they are and what they stand for. A minimalist design with white printing was chosen. Thanks to the distinctive unique design, the use of original messages and the high-quality printing, we create brand awareness around Hello Archie and a real unboxing experience for their customers.
Hello Archie_box message

Proactive partner

For VPK, a partner relationship does not stop with the delivery of the requested packaging. We like to go ‘beyond’. By adopting a flexible and transparent attitude, we look together at further optimisations of existing packaging and new models for future runs.

We also inspired Hello Archie to explore what they can do with their own paper and cardboard waste. For example, they are currently looking at the possibilities of recycling paper and cardboard together with other companies in their neighbourhood, in order to contribute to a circular economy. An initiative that we can only applaud, and a good example of how we proactively collaborate with our customers during all steps of the process.

Hello Archie speaking

“VPK is a real partner for us. We think along proactively, always with a realistic view of things. VPK provides very open and transparent advice on box sizes and changes in the context of optimisation.”

Birgit Van Driessche – Founder & owner Hello Archie

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