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Lyreco caring for the environment

The Lyreco Group is the European leader and the third largest distributor of workplace-related products and services in the world. Since 1926, thanks to the constant pursuit of excellence in customer service, strong partnerships with reputable suppliers and efficient logistics, it has been constantly adapting to ever-changing workplaces. Lyreco's cooperation with VPK is not accidental. Both brands choose solutions for the sake of the environment and have clearly defined goals for their company's sustainability.


Well-stocked workplaces

Lyreco operates directly in 25 countries in Europe and Asia, and through its partners' distribution network it covers 17 additional markets on 4 continents. As a specialist in the workplace environment, Lyreco is constantly evolving to meet the product needs of the workplace. Its offer includes: office supplies, furniture, IT equipment, printing solutions, personal protective equipment, hygiene products, coffee and groceries.

Responsible packaging

The dramatic effects of climate change remind everyone more than ever of a responsibility to respect the environment. That is why Lyreco pursues a policy of responsible packaging and believes that the circular economy is the best model to deal with the climate crisis while achieving responsible growth.

Exceptional protection for products and the environment

Based on the wide range of Lyreco products, we have designed packaging that provides the necessary protection during transport and guarantees trouble-free delivery to end users. Lyreco consciously chose VPK’s corrugated cardboard packaging because of its 100% recyclable qualities.

Lyreco about our cooperation

"One of the most important roles in Lyreco is played by packaging, which protects the quality of products and enables them to be safely stored, transported and used. However, packaging also uses valuable resources and generates waste when not recycled. By 2025, Lyreco’s goal is to significantly reduce the number and size of its packaging. In addition, 100% of the packaging will be reusable as well as recyclable. By working with VPK, we will significantly achieve this goal."

Dr. Robert Daniluk, Lyreco Poland Quality, Security & Sustainable Director

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