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On-brand counter display for the first 100% natural shoe care product range

When Nanex decided to launch ‘Mist,’ its all-natural shoe care product range, the Nanex marketing team turned to VPK for the right Point of Sale (POS) material. The assignment was clear: design a cardboard display that perfectly matched the image of the new range. Timing was short, but VPK lived up to the challenge.

The ecological choice in shoe care

Nanex is a new player in the shoe care products market. What sets it apart from the competition? The company’s love for shoes and the environment. Its first product, Nanex Leather & Textile, which was launched in 2017, revolutionized the market by being more powerful than existing sprays and by using a biosolvent.

Still, the company felt that it wasn’t enough. So Nanex developed ‘Mist,’ an all-natural shoe care product range. The product launch was planned for September 2019, and the plan was to promote it in shoe repair shops. This created some constraints for the actual display.

Counter display in E-flute

First of all, the display needed to be small, because shoe repair shops don’t have that much room. Secondly, it needed to stand out from all the other displays in the shop. And last but not least: the look and feel of the display needed to be fully in line with the product’s sustainability claim.
Nanex found the solution in VPK’s corrugated display range. The ‘Mist’ display is a dynamically-shaped counter display in E-flute, with high-quality offset printing laminated on the ultra-flat corrugated board.

VPK packed all five parts of the display into one package for shipping, including an instruction sheet for easy assembly at the point of sales. It was then shipped and delivered in France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Denmark.

Responsiveness, flexibility, perseverance

Throughout the entire process, VPK showed great responsiveness. “Timing was short, but VPK’s swift action helped us get the job done. They were the first to respond when we first approached the market. Their swift follow-up ensured us a quick and thorough start of the design process. And it ensured a rapid succession of new designs up until the point that we were completely satisfied,” describes Ellie Van den Brande, Visual Brand Manager at Nanex.

Nanex and VPK worked closely together on this project to get all the details exactly right. “We co-created it,” explains Ellie. “We wanted our display to be top notch, and VPK did everything to meet our expectations. For instance, whenever we had a new idea, they’d start over from a clean slate. It’s that flexibility and perseverance that helped us get the perfect result – on budget, on time and on brand.”

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