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For the sake of our pets

We know for a long time that our pets love cardboard boxes! If the box also contains your pet’s favorite food, it means double the fun.

Packaging for the pet food industry

One of our customers - PETGOOD  is a Swedish pet food tech company and its sole purpose is to contribute to a more sustainable and transparent pet world.

The company loves pets, but also loves our fantastic planet – it is driven by reducing our four-legged family members' climate impact and global paw prints. A focus on sustainability has been the driving force behind its dog food revolution and one reason why PETGOOD was founded, and is behind the launch of the company’s first product –  a complete feed based on insect protein. 

Choosing an environmentally-friendly pack that was suitable for such a unique product launch was essential. Thanks to the corrugated cardboard packaging produced by VPK Packaging Poland, the company can deliver food to pets in a sustainable way while offering significant protective qualities.

PETGOOD about our cooperation

“The pack was designed following a fantastic working relationship between VPK and PETGOOD, and the result is a great innovative solution  for the Scandinavian market. The collaboration between both companies has led to a visually eye-catching box that combines excellent marketing content with sustainability and functionality."

Sales Manager VPK Packaging Poland, Marcin Głąb


Looking for a customised packaging solution?

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