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Sales support tool for Rockfon

Rockfon, part of the Rockwool Group, is no stranger to VPK. We’ve been working together for almost 20 years. When Rockfon came to us for advice on developing an innovative new tool to support their commercial strategy, we were happy to sit down with them again.

Rockfon standard packaging

Meet Rockfon

Rockfon, part of the ROCKWOOL Group, specializes in supplying complete ceiling systems. As such, they combine stone wool ceiling panels with suspension systems from Chicago Metallic. These durable systems are easy to install and create beautiful and comfortable spaces. They offer optimal acoustics and prevent rapid fire spread. Rockfon products are primarily to be found in large public buildings with as main sectors healthcare, education and corporate environments.

Since we started working together, VPK has been supplying Rockfon with various types of customized transport packaging. Over the years, a long-term relationship has developed that is based on mutual trust and loyalty.

The challenge for this new project was to develop an original sales tool in which a selection of profiles and accessories for the ceiling systems are professionally presented. A support tool that visibly attracts attention and that the Rockfon sales team can use on a daily basis when they visit customers or prospects. Something that can emphasize their versatile solutions and expertise to the installers. For this specific project Rockfon needed a real marketing packaging.

VPK was able to answer their request thanks to our One Stop Shopping solution, which offers marketing packaging on top of our standard packaging solutions. For Rockfon, this had the advantage that they could continue to work with their trusted contact person at VPK who has the expertise to lead this project in the right direction.
Rockfon_Solution box

The solution

From a commercial necessity to marketing packaging

Rockfon's initial idea was to design a briefcase with a foam inlay in which a number of profiles and accessories could be presented. VPK went a step further and developed a tailor-made innovative design in which both the inside and the outside of the case are made entirely from corrugated cardboard. Even the handle is cardboard. The end result was dubbed the Rockfon Solution Box.

The case is used on a daily basis, so it was important that it was not too big, but still sturdy and convenient to use. To guarantee that strength and extend the life of the case, a double-walled model was preferred.

The new box professionally presents the added value that Rockfon can offer its customers and perfectly supports their commercial strategy. It also gives the sales team a good basis on which to build and structure their conversation. The box has become an integral part of every sales conversation and is now used in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Spain.
Rockfon_Solution Box closed

Brand-enhancing design thanks to digital printing

At the start of this project, a complete design process was completed alongside Rockfon, in which specific needs were clearly determined in advance. Together with VPK's Technical Competence Center, close attention was given to determining the look and feel of the case. Prior to the Solution Box, profiles and accessories were often taken to customers in ordinary steel boxes, which was a lot less attractive and professional.

By using digital printing, we were able to give the case a matte “metal” look that fits in nicely with the general look & feel of Rockfon. The exterior of the Solution Box combines the Rockfon logo with a simple and sleek design, ensuring that the brand stays visible at all times. The Solution Box thus becomes a brand-enhancing tool that instantly attracts attention and is immediately recognizable.

Digital printing also makes it possible to work with smaller print runs, which was certainly a plus with the Solution Box. During the creation process, in consultation with the customer, a whole series of tests were carried out to arrive at a final result where everyone was 100% satisfied.

The Rockfon Solution box is produced at VPK’s site in Courcelles, which specializes in digital printing.
Corrugated sales packaging suitcase

The technical design of the Solution Box

The Solution Box is attractive and eye-catching, cost-saving compared to the original idea, and made from a natural product that is 100% recyclable. That makes it a sustainable alternative compared to metal or plastic variants.
Designing the inside of the case was a puzzle in itself. After selecting which profiles and accessories should be in the Solution Box, it was further essential that they firmly remain in place.

As a solution, two layers of corrugated cardboard were provided inside the case – one holding the profiles and the other the accessories. Because the inside is also made of corrugated cardboard, it can potentially be used as an extra opportunity to provide communication.

According to Rockfon

“VPK is not just a supplier to us, but a truly reliable partner who thinks along with us about solutions that offer added value. We are close to each other and speak the same language. When we sit around the table together, we only need half a word to understand each other. That makes it easy to work with VPK. Through our many years of cooperation, we can be confident they will deliver the quality that meets our needs. In designing this Solution Box, we succeeded in creating a product that exceeded our expectations and that has become an indispensable tool for our sales team.”

Rockfon Belgium

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