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The healthy tour with Thrive Beer and VPK

Sports at high level and consuming alcohol are not a good mix. Yet there is nothing as tasty as a refreshing beer after an intense workout. With Thrive Beer, the world's first alcohol-free sports recovery beer, you can now enjoy that intense refreshment without guilt and with the right amount of proteins and carbohydrates your body needs to recover. A win-win!

Thrive Beer_bottle
Thrive Beer is the result of hard work and lots of research. It took founder Laurens D'Hoore, himself a fervent athlete, more than a year of blood, sweat and tears to put together the perfect mix with a team of innovative brewers and scientists from the University of Leuven. And the result is a great mix of flavours!

Following its launch, Thrive Beer is now sold online, in supermarkets, drinks outlets and sports accommodations in Belgium and the Netherlands. As a result, Laurens needed the right kind of packaging for this and so he approached VPK.
Thrive Beer box_open

Robust packaging

We developed a robust standard American box with double flaps at the top and bottom for added strength. The box holds 12 glass bottles or 24 cans weighing 7kg and 8,5kg respectively. Packaging that provides the necessary protection for deliveries to reach their final destination intact was therefore an absolute must! The corrugated inserts inside the box create a handy grid that neatly separates the bottles and cans and keeps them in place.

Thrive Beer box_open_bottle

Golden touch

A new innovative product such as Thrive's not only wants to be tasted, but also to be seen. The branding of the bottles and cans was extended to the packaging in order to create the necessary visibility. A white background with a stylish golden print provides that extra touch and supports the company’s brand identity.

Caring for body and planet

Produced from recycled paper and again 100% recyclable, corrugated cardboard is a sustainable alternative to other less environmentally friendly packaging materials. By consciously opting for packaging made entirely of corrugated cardboard, from box to inserts, Thrive is doing its bit for our planet.
Thrive Beer

Looking to the future

Things are moving fast for Thrive Beer. With spring in full swing and freedom regained after the corona crisis, we can all enjoy public sporting events again. And no doubt Thrive Beer will be part of them.

At VPK we like to think along with our customers and anticipate the future. With the next phase in our cooperation, we are looking at further possibilities to expand the packaging range with new concepts that can hold more of the product.

Full speed ahead, or as they say at Thrive #GOTHRIVE!

Thrive Beer about our cooperation

"Getting cans and bottles shipped in one piece is not easy. With VPK's solution, however, we succeeded without any problems. Moreover, we can always count on smooth communication with our Key Account Manager Bart."

Laurens D’Hoore – Founder Thrive Beer 

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