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Veepee chooses safe and sustainable packaging

For the frequent online shoppers among us, e-commerce player Veepee is no stranger. Its offer includes a wide and diverse selection of brands and products, from fashion collections for the entire family to Home & Decoration items and a wide lifestyle selection of cosmetics, household appliances and gastronomic items. The secret to the company’s tremendous growth lies in its unique business model, based upon tailored and creative collaborations with top brands. Every day, Veepee sets up exclusive sales for their 66 million members, allowing them to save up to 70% off their favorite brands. Once ordered online, the parcels are delivered in sustainable packaging from VPK.


A unique model

Originally dedicated to reselling brands’ overstock online, Veepee has grown tremendously to become the European leader of online flash sales. By building strong, relevant and creative partnerships with more than 7,000 brands across 10 countries, and opening 54.000 sales a year, the company has truly redefined online shopping.

Every day, about 10 to 15 new sales open on Veepee for 3 to 5 days. To enjoy those exclusive deals, one simply has to create a (free) account. Once the sale is over, the items purchased by the members are ordered directly from the brands. Orders are centralised and coordinated in Veepee's warehouse and then delivered to the customer's home (or a collection point).

Safe and sustainable deliveries make everyone happy

When a customer orders something online, they naturally want their product to be delivered in perfect condition. A strong packaging that offers the necessary protection during transport, guarantees seamless home delivery and has a minimal impact on the environment were important drivers for Veepee in the search for a suitable partner for their packaging.

Based on Veepee’s wide product range, we determined a series of 10 standard American boxes, available in different sizes and suitable for packaging, from the smallest jewel to large plants or kitchen robots. With our knowledge and expertise we defined a corrugated board quality and BCT value for each model, the so-called box crush test. We linked these to the large product variations per specific box size. That way we ensure that each box is sufficiently sturdy and offers the necessary protection to the products.

By deliberately choosing corrugated packaging, made from 100% recycled and 100% recyclable materials, Veepee also contributes to the protection of the environment. In addition, the company also recycles all other materials from its warehouse through external companies. Veepee is indeed committed towards a sustainable logistics organisation: 1404 solar panels installed on the roof of the Belgian warehouse in Lot provide almost 50% of the energy required to run the operations on site.

A touch of pink

Within e-commerce, packaging is not only used to transport products from point a to point b, it is also increasingly used as a marketing tool to give brands extra visibility. With 4,5 million parcels sent out in the Benelux in 2020, it was important to create visually distinctive packaging. They certainly turned out to be exactly that! The iconic boxes in white and pink have become Veepee's trademark. We paid a lot of attention to performing different colour tests to find the most suitable fit. To prevent the pink colour from fading on hands or clothing, we added an extra component to the ink formula so that the pink colour is applied rub-resistant. Handy for both the employees who manually fill the boxes, and the delivery services.

A wide offer, a logistical challenge

Given the diversity of the offer on Veepee and the high number of orders on a daily basis we also work closely together on a logistics and stock management level. Flexibility, reliability and continuity are central to this. By using our visual planning tool, we always try to make the most optimal combination of different references in order to make the best possible use of our transports. Both our transport departments are in regular contact so that there is always sufficient stock of the different types of packaging. 

Veepee about our cooperation

“Our priority being to deliver our members' orders safely and with as little environmental impact as possible, we are delighted to work with a company which is able to tailor packaging solutions to our high volume of orders and to the great diversity of the products sold on our platform.”

Tobias Tousseyn – Country Manager Veepee Benelux


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