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Family brand by nature

The WOSANA drinks brand has been well-known with families for over 30 years. Their portfolio includes not only fruit juices and nectars, smoothies, but also natural spring and mineral waters. An excellent collaboration combined with the technical knowledge and packaging expertise of VPK has enabled the development of innovative, unique projects for WOSANA.


Modernity and experience

WOSANA's mission is to support the daily efforts of the family to maintain its well-being by listening to its needs and providing safe, natural and healthy products. The company has 9 independent, modern production lines which enable the quick manufacture of products in accordance with the highest standards. It offers drinks in many flavors and over a dozen packaging versions. Extensive experience gained during 30 years of industry presence and flexible production possibilities make WOSANA provide products that perfectly meet the needs of customers. Importantly, the juices do not contain any artificial flavors, aromas or preservatives. It is a healthy dose of vitamins and nutrients for the whole family.

Unique product display

WOSANA is a well-known and respected producer of beverages in the private label segment as well as a recognized supplier of products to the largest retail chains in the Polish and European markets. The customized display packages are simple but very sustainable, produced on a Göpfert machine in our Polish factory located in Radomsko. A colorful print, consistent with the visual character of the brand, supports the promotion of products. This type of packaging provides customers with a clearly visible display of their contents. The consumer is able to see the different flavors of the drinks without wasting time looking for the right one.

Wosana about our cooperation

Our products are developed with the health of customers and the environment in mind, which is why the selection of packaging in line with our sustainable development strategy is also so important. As a manufacturer, we use our qualifications and technical knowledge to quickly adapt to current trends in a constantly changing market. What we appreciate most in the collaboration with VPK is that they can also follow and support us in this on the packaging side.

Katarzyna Gumoś - Head of the Marketing Department

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