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Creativity with cardboard boxes for Cirk in Aalst

For the second year in a row, VPK Packaging sponsored the Cirk! festival in Aalst with cardboard creations. This year, 20 cardboard displays and 1,000 cardboard stools adorned the city's attractive squares.

©Gert Swillens

From artwork to a comfortable stool

Cirk! celebrated its 11th anniversary in Aalst this year. For three days, circus performers took over the city's streets and squares to showcase their talents in over 110 performances. The organisation asked us to come on board as a sponsor in 2018. After all, VPK is an established name in the area, with both its international head office and multiple production sites in the vicinity. 

It resulted in a remarkable sponsoring project. Last year, we designed promotional materials and cardboard programme displays, and provided 1,300 boxes which were transformed into an impressive work of art by artist Olivier Grossetête. 

This year, we have also put our best creative foot forward. After all, the organisation had launched a new house style, which required us to be extra creative in order to clearly showcase the new brand identity.  This is why we adapted the programme displays and gave spectators an extra special experience using colourful stools in different prints.
©Gert Swillens

Close co-creation

Our experienced designers worked closely with the client. We designed prototypes, perfected them and joined the client in thinking out the print's graphic design. Thanks to a recent investment in a digital printer, we were able to deliver high quality printing within a short timeframe and with maximum flexibility.
The stools clearly were a great success as fans, both young and old, took them home. The remaining stools convincingly withstood the weekend and will resurface next year.
©Gert Swillens
©Gert Swillens
©Gert Swillens

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