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VPK invests in new digital printer

VPK’s site in Courcelles (Belgium) - Cartonneries de Wallonie (CDW) - specialises in smaller production runs and digital printing. The investment in a new digital printer will enable the site to offer a higher product quality, a wider product range, and better service.

Fast, simple and cost-efficient printing

A digital printer accelerates and simplifies the print process for small volumes. Stéphane Nennen, Regio Manager Wallonia, explains: “Flexo printing with water-based inks has to date been the most commonly used printing technique within the corrugated packaging industry. For each design we provide a new stereo with the necessary inks that will be used to print the boxes. However, this method is less flexible for smaller to medium-sized with a need for smaller print runs per design.” The new digital printer allows us to eliminate this step. All the printer needs is a digital PDF file containing all the print instructions. 

“Today, two different digital print technologies are available on the market: UV technology and water technology,” says Stéphane. “We have opted for UV technology because it allows us to process more sheets per hour.” We bought a DURST printer with maximum sheet dimensions 2500 mm x 3200 mm, which is the biggest sheet processor on the market. The site thus hopes to process more than 1 million m² of corrugated cardboard per year. “In the production process, we will connect the new machine to a new digital ZUND die-cutting machine that is capable of processing such large dimensions. These larger dimensions also enable us to offer a wider product range,” says Stéphane.
The team has already made all necessary preparations to facilitate smooth delivery and installation in June. The new digital die-cutting machine is scheduled for August. “We will use the summer months for staff training and test production runs, so that we are all set for a flying start in September,” Stéphane tells us enthusiastically.

Which customers are most likely to benefit from this? Start-up businesses  interested in smaller print runs, e-commerce customers focusing on enhanced brand experience – as with this Suitcase packaging or specific product developments as part of the war on plastics. Seasonal items with varying packaging needs will also benefit from maximum flexibility. 

An even better service for your display items

The newly installed machine will also further support colleagues from the Display department. Patrick Leclercq, Business Unit Manager Corrugated Belgium, explains the added-value: “Our Display department specializes in various kinds of POS materials and marketing displays such as the famous cut-out boards as can be seen in cinema halls or the in-store displays that highlight temporary or seasonal promotions. These are genuine eye-catchers, so our customers expect unparalleled print quality. However, the runs are limited and the layout varies with every season and promotional campaign. A printing machine that provides fast, high-quality and cost-effective digital reproduction offers nothing but benefits for our customers.”

Digital print for your packaging?

Together we will look for the best printing method for your packaging. Our people are happy to assist you in evaluating the different production methods.

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