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First Mitsubishi Evol casemaker in Viallon Emballage

With the installation of a new Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Evol 100 casemaker, VPK has completed its first investment in Viallon Emballage, proud member of our VPK Group for a year. With its high efficiency and excellent die-cutting possibilities, it will be the first EVOL to be installed in France and the eighth within our VPK Group.

Giovanni Bettini, Sales Director of MHI Europe, is very pleased that the company has signed an agreement with VPK and Viallon Emballage for the supply of an EVOL 100 high speed flexo folder gluer casemaker, complete with an MPF pre-feeder. The line is currently being ramped-up at Viallon’s facility in Saint-Just-Malmont and was commissioned early November 2021.
Viallon Emballage, part of VPK Group, has chosen the new casemaker based on the proven high efficiency of the Evol and its excellent die-cutting possibilities.

“We are happy to have signed this supply agreement with Viallon Emballage and VPK Group,” confirms Giovanni Bettini. “For us, the major significance of this deal is that it will be the first EVOL to be installed in France. But it also reaffirms our excellent relationship with VPK Group, who are running Mitsubishi corrugators and converting lines throughout their rapidly expanding geographic business. This will be the eighth EVOL and the second MPF pre-feeder to be running in the VPK Group. The Evol will also contain the latest developments on the rotary die cutting section: the pre-mounted pin system and the ring lock system”.
Christian and Christophe Viallon, respectively Member of the Board and Managing director of Viallon Emballage, explain their decision to go for the MHI Evol: “The Viallon plant in Saint-Just-Malmont is a highly efficient plant, focused on short runs and high-end products. The plant needed a casemaker to bring extra capacity to support the growing market position of Viallon in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and beyond. Based on the excellent track record of the Evol within VPK group, the choice was obvious. This investment will further strengthen the position of VPK in France and we are proud to have already invested in this ambitious project, barely a year after we concluded the Alliance with Viallon Emballage."

"With 7 integrated and well invested corrugator plants, VPK has become a major player in France able to deliver all customers nationwide” adds Philippe Tran, Managing Director of VPK France.