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Automation increases capacity of folders-gluers in Erembodegem

In April, the production site in Erembodegem upgraded its folders-gluers production to boost the existing capacity.  An automated production step enables us both to improve safety on the work floor and to process more boxes per hour.

For e-commerce packaging with automatic bottoms or – for instance - lids of shelf-ready packaging, VPK offers folded and glued boxes. After printing and cutting, these boxes undergo an extra processing step of gluing and folding. An additional service for the customer, that makes it easier to set up and fill the box with products. 
However, these boxes are often more difficult to bundle because of their uneven shape after folding. Demand for this type of boxes is nevertheless growing, also due to the growth of e-commerce. As a result, delivery times for this type of packaging have recently been under pressure. By investing in the automation of this production step, we stay true to our value proposition while at the same time improving safety on the work floor. 

Automation for improved ergonomics and increased speed

“Until now, the folded and glued boxes were bundled manually,” says Tony Reunes, Plant Manager. “This created a number of challenges related mainly to the ergonomics of the workstation. “The Bahmueller PowerPacker changes this by automating this final step by means of sensors. The machine counts, bundles, turns and wraps the boxes. The result is an improved workstation. Plus, we can now finish significantly more boxes per hour. 

Uninterrupted service 

Preparation works were started in February. In March, the PowerPacker was installed at our Erembodegem site where all folding and gluing operations are carried out. In April, we organised the first training courses to familiarise our employees with each and every detail of the machine and, as of this month, we’re running at full speed! 

We carefully prepared the installation period so as to avoid any interference to our customers and provide them with the same high level of service. To this end, we arranged for extra stock and added a night shift to keep the other machines up and running. “Our customers were very satisfied with the professionalism of our employees during the transition period,” says Guy Van Cauteren, Sales Director. “The PowerPacker allows us to guarantee shorter delivery times and even higher quality bundling of goods. This allows us to meet their highest standards at all times.”