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VPK Packaging optimises storage and transport with new 6000 sqm building

As a producer of sustainable packaging, we offer a variety of logistic solutions as part of our value proposition. When last year a building of no less than 6000 sqm situated next to the plant in Erembodegem was put up for sale, we immediately saw this as an opportunity to further improve our logistics services –  one that we grabbed with both hands. 

Close to our customers for more efficiency and quality

Until now, we used a storage facility located in Lokeren, at least for a part of our total storage capacity. By relocating this storage to Erembodegem, which is virtually next door, we are able to significantly optimise the transport process. Alexander Cappelle, Transport & Delivery Manager, explains: “Previously, trucks frequently had to make a detour via Lokeren to pick up and deliver goods to customers. This obviously poses a higher risk for timely delivery.” Eliminating these transfers in the delivery process allows us to increase our transport capacity and deliver to more customers in the same amount of time.

Operational by mid-June

The new building has already undergone quite a transformation. “At the end of last year, we approved the final budgets and signed the purchase orders,” says Tony Reunes, Plant Manager of the Erembodegem site. “This was followed by the first structural works with the pouring of a new concrete floor and the renovation of the roof. Subsequently, work was carried out on the electricity network, the IT infrastructure, and fire safety. The works are now in the final stages of completion, so we expect to be operational by mid-June.” 
An internal shuttle service will connect the production hall and the storage facility. “This will allow us to transport and store the goods safely and with due care,” adds Tony.

You choose how you receive your goods

We not only produce packaging, we also offer you a wide range of logistic solutions. As our customer, you can choose how you wish to receive your goods. We can produce your packaging to order or manage your stock. We’ll be happy to take you through the various options available to you.
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