In addition to our more standard displays, many other options are possible at VPK. Have a look below.

Dumpbin, grabbelbak

Dumb bins and ballot boxes

Dump bins are a space-effective way to display your products. They are especially useful to display discounted stock, promotional items, gadgets and irregularly shaped products.

Ballot boxes enable the easy collection of competition entries, suggestions, business cards, membership forms, voting slips etc.

We can design dump bins and ballot boxes with eye-catching graphics to ensure good visibility and brand recognition. They are provided in collapsible, lightweight forms that are easy to assemble, move and re-position.

  • Space-effective 
  • Easy to assembly
  • Easy collection of entries
Trend & Lifestyle Display, theatralisatie, totaalproject

Trend and lifestyle displays

We can produce your trend and lifestyle displays quickly and efficiently. This is true whether you need just a few of them for local use or greater quantities for a large-scale promotion. Choose a trend and lifestyle display to:

  • Build and strengthen your brand 
  • Provide a positive shopper experience 
  • Increase impact at point of purchase 
  • Increase brand awareness

Shelftalkers and trays

When there is no possibility to put a product in the spotlight by means of a display, shelf talkers and trays are indispensable. They make products stand out on the shelf.

A shelf talker is particularly useful to convey a temporary message. A tray includes products, making shelf-filling easy and quick, and creating great product visibility.

Both types of display are key components to strengthen your brand.

  • Time-saving and economical
  • Maximum visibility
  • Enhances the brand

Filling your displays

An extra service that VPK offers is the assembly and filling of displays. This occurs in our own facilities where we can ensure the most stringent quality control. You just deliver the products to be filled in the displays and we do the rest. We can temporarily store the displays too, until you need them. You benefit in a variety of ways:

  • One central point of contact
  • No problems on the shop floor setting up displays
  • No representatives needed to set up displays in outlets
  • Fast, cost-effective and time-efficient