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Promotion & gift boxes

Give your product that special touch of exclusivity and elegance.

Sometimes you are looking for just that little bit more or a unique unboxing experience.

  • The closed gift box that provides an extra unboxing experience while opening the box. This can be used as a gift box for customers & employees, but also to package all kinds of products and thus increase the exclusivity of the product.
  • The open gift box allows you to present your product and thus immediately increase curiosity about it. This solution is usually used for food products where an additional gadget (glass, cup, ...) is proposed.

Whether you are looking for a seasonal promotion produced in low numbers or a packaging design for long-term use, we are happy to help you find the perfect solution for you.

Thanks to our modern machines, we can produce a variety of promotional and gift boxes with high-quality printing that leaves a lasting impression.

Most important features:

  • Easy assembly
  • Interesting shapes
  • Tailor-made solutions

Put our experts to the test

Describe your display challenge to us. Our Marketing Packaging experts will be delighted to work with you to design and make a top-quality display that meets your needs.

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