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E-commerce - a new era for packaging

It has been exactly two years since VPK and the other members of the Alliance were FFP certified. A lot has changed in that time. More than a year on from the start of the pandemic, there has been a seismic shift in e-commerce packaging that no-one could have predicted. Here, we will look at the key trends and impacts that were released at the last E-pack Europe event.

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Memorable unboxing experience – from “nice to have” to “must-have”

In our previous article, we described the key drivers of ecommerce packaging and the three main stakeholders in the value chains. Today, we will focus on e-consumers and how to create a memorable unboxing experience

We will first redefine where the term comes from. Then, we will identify how ecommerce packaging plays a crucial role during all ‘Moments Of Truth’. Finally we can make assumption about the key future trends.

Please enjoy reading the piece, along with some wonderful examples of how our European teams have already started to create compelling packaging designs.

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