E-commerce is booming business and has the most diverse mix of requirements compared to traditional supply chains.

Today’s manufacturers and consumers choose to have their parcels delivered in sustainable packaging, offering protection and promise an ultimate unboxing experience.

Our creative experts ensure that your e-commerce packaging provides an answer to the various demands of this distribution channel. Not only through great designs, but also by advising you on the technical aspects of ideal inner and outer packaging needs.

Together, we strive to offer complete solutions.

Stronger Together e-commerce packaging diet products

Of course size matters when delivering your products

Our protective and sustainable packaging ensures the ultimate fit of multiple products within one shipping box.

By combining a striking inner packaging supporting your brand and a neutral outer packaging, we combine the best of both worlds. Ordered online and delivered low key to the customer’s doorstep.
Stronger Together e-commerce packaging pastabox

The ultimate gift packaging delivered to your doorstep

Quality products made with love and care deserve delightful packaging!

By combining an easy-to-ship packaging and luxurious unboxing experience, secondary and primary packaging blend into one. Ready to be delivered safely to your customers’ doorstep.

Corex and VPK create unique and all-in-one sustainable paper-based packaging concepts, ready to be unwrapped.
Design and expertise

Looking for a combined packaging solution suitable for specialty stores?

The strong partnership between Corex and VPK allows us to offer a complete range of paper-based packaging products answering to the various touch points within specialty stores.

Explore the possibilities.

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