From high volume products to unique luxury gifts…. The abundance of choice makes it a challenge to differentiate your product in a creative way.

Our strong partnership between Corex and VPK allows us to offer a complete range of paper-based packaging products answering to the various touch points within the retail supply chain.

Choosing a combination of a primary composite can solution and corrugated packaging guarantees the brand impact you are looking for. Not only for each point of contact, but it also provides an answer to the various functional challenges retailers face today.

Explore the possibilities below.

Stronger Together retail packaging salt

When time is of the essence and shelf power is required, our packaging options offer the ideal solution

Standing out on crowded shelves and offering easy and fast unboxing solutions allowing your retail partners to gain time is often challenging.

By co-creating eye-catching and shelf-ready packaging solutions, we help your brand to shine in every way.

VPK and Corex offer combined secondary and primary packaging options made out of recycled paper. Easy and fast to handle.
Stronger Together retail packaging gin tonic

Packaging that is dressed to impress

Standing out on shop shelves with its luxurious designs and carefully chosen as a gift to yourself or someone else. 

No packaging has more class than our unique combined solutions, designed by the packaging experts at Corex and VPK.

Easy to carry, easy to open and always appreciated.

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Rather looking for a combined e-commerce packaging solution?

Our packaging experts provide an answer to the various requirements of this distribution channel. Not only through great designs, but also by advising you on the technical aspects of ideal inner and outer packaging needs.

Discover our complete e-commerce solutions.

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