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Is your product sold through selected specialty stores and are you looking to extend the lifetime of your consumer packaging? You’ve found the perfect partner to make it happen. 

Discover our solutions for the petfood and toys market, and luxury products such as fresh herbs and coffee or candles and odor sticks. 

Find out some of the possibilities below.

Stronger Together specialty stores packaging petfood

As picky as pets can be on their food, as persistent we want you to be on your packaging

The connection between a pet and its owner is often very touching and unconditionally where simply the best is not good enough.

By combining our unique packing and unpacking solutions, for both at home and instore usage, we help your products to stand out and ready to be loved by pet owners around the world.

Our unique position in the paper based packaging market combines both primary and secondary packaging creativity. Easy to use, easy to notice and easy to store.
Stronger Together specialty stores packaging toys

We love tinkering to create the ideal packaging solution tailored to your needs

When it comes to toys decisions are often made in a split second. Being noticeable in a colorful and bright world dominated by children is key.

By offering creative toy wraps we fit perfectly into the magical world of kids.

Our combined inner and outer packaging concepts will help you to stand out and to become the ideal unwrapping and storage tool.

Stronger Together specialty stores packaging coffee

Our values and entrepreneurship blend into a mixture of sustainable packaging opportunities

Artisan products deserve to be presented in an equal way.

By designing and manufacturing green and eco-friendly packaging, we help give your product the ideal look and feel.

We create and supply combined round and square sustainable inner and outer packaging solutions, made out of recycled paper.

Stronger Together specialty stores packaging candles

We love the smell and excitement of a challenge to create the most suitable packaging for your product

Home care solutions are all about creating the right atmosphere and setting. Therefore, the packaging should become one with the product it represents and the decorative aspect it stands for.

By listening to your requirements, we design cosy and balanced gift solutions.

With our expertise, you can be sure that combined inner and outer packaging will be created.

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