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Logistical solutions

VPK offers a wide range of logistical solutions. From transport management to stock management and demand planning. Learn more about the different options that can be tailored to your needs.

Transport management

Transporting your packaging is key in your and our supply chain processes. Depending on the country’s philosophy, several partnerships exist with freight companies.

A number of types of transport services can be chosen from in order to fit your demand on transport and delivery management. Contact us to settle your needs with regard to time managementloading managementexchange management and data management.
  • Time management
    •  During the day, only in the morning, only in the afternoon
    • On specific time slot or outside working hours
    • Express Delivery
  • Loading management
    • Full truck load or a single pallet
    • Rest pallet management belonging to your needs:
      • Rest pallet standard delivery with shipment
      • Specific rest pallet delivery
      • No rest pallet delivery
  • Exchange management
    • Automatic standard upfront communication of delivery including day, hour and products being delivered
    • Customer’s platform solution on slot subscription

  • Data management
    •  Standard fleet equipped with Track & Trace system
    • Transport & Delivery dashboard including statistics on time management, waiting hours,…

Stock management

Stock management covers topics such as seasonality, flexibility, need of warehouse space and so on. Based on these customer challenges, VPK has set up a range of stock and warehousing solutions to offer our customers easiness to work with. 

To keep your goods in a perfect shape, we offer several pallet management solutions. Goods can be stored on several pallet types in one way, returnable or pooling solutions. Contact us to know more about our various stock and pallet management options.

Four alternatives are possible offering you a vast range of solutions relying on consumption cycle, production process, safety stock, minimum order quantity, lot size and maximum stock duration:

  • Temporary : Production starts at your request, in one go, will be ready on an agreed date, without safety stock, take up within 8 weeks.
  • Continuous : Production based on forecast or historical data is executed in several runs, mainly for fast movers, first take up to be done within 3 weeks with safety stock and will be kept during maximum 90 days.
  • Hybrid : Production starts at your request in several runs, will be ready on a date to agree upon, first take up to be done within 8 weeks, with safety stock and will be kept during maximum 90 days.
  • Tailor : Production starts at your request in one go, will be ready on your specified date, take up within 10 days

Pallet management

  • Standard euro pallet solutions
    • One way solution: pallets will be invoiced separately on the invoice of the delivered goods, no request to return the empty pallets
    • Return solution: pallets will be invoiced separately on the invoice of the delivered goods. Returned empty pallets will be credited once pallets received in our plants
  • Disposable pallets
  • Pooling pallets through CHEP & LPR partners
  • Tailor-made pallet solutions

Demand planning

Predicting the future can be challenging. Nevertheless, with your and our expertise we can come a long way. VPK offers three possibilities to help you and ourselves with demand planning. 

  • Customer’s forecast and knowhow: As a customer, you will know best the evolution of your products. Based on historical analysis, seasonality, your own production capacity, demand planning etc. All this resulting in a global file from which data can be uploaded into VPK Packaging’s demand planning.
  • History and algorithms: VPK Packaging has an in-house demand planning tool. Based on historical data analytics and incorporating predictive algorithms, it allows us to identify future trends.  
  • Hybrid solution: As predicting the future might be difficult, it’s always good to be two to discuss. VPK reaches out to its customers, bringing your and our demand planners together on a regular base to define together what your future need might be.

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