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Value engineering solutions

The concept of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is central in today’s competitive world, for both buyers and sellers. Rather than only considering the purchase price of an object, TCO looks at all costs that are likely to be incurred during the product’s life cycle, from purchase to disposal. As such, it considers three major components: the cost of the packaging material itself, the operating costs and the logistics costs.

A TCO analysis is the first step to drive down overall costs and improve profitability. VPK is committed to help you simplify logistics, reduce costs and increase profit. By reviewing your entire chain and having an overall view on the total process, VPK detects opportunities for improvement and potential for increasing profitability.

As part of our analysis, your current packaging is tested based on its properties, transportation, warehousing and end-user requirements. Your packaging process is then analysed to gain answers to questions like these:

  • What are the specific protection needs for your products?
  • How is your packaging process arranged within your organization?
  • What are your palletisation requirements?
  • How does your distribution chain work?
  • What are the possibilities for co-packing?
  • What kind of storage environments will the products be in?
  • Should your packaging support your marketing strategy?
  • What kind of requirements does the end customer have on the packaging?

The results tell us what we need to know about the material, environmental impact and packaging cost of ownership. This forms the basis of the customised packaging solution we then propose.

Our solutions add value

Our value engineering solutions enable more efficient packaging lines, improved supply chain efficiency, reduced total cost of ownership, and decreased environmental footprint. If you want to achieve this kind of continuous improvement on your own packaging products or logistical processes, give us a call.

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