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AQUILA expands production capabilities in Greater Poland

AQUILA Września, part of the VPK Group, is expanding its operations in Greater Poland. Established in 2005, the Września plant, the first of AQUILA’s facilities in Poland, is set to grow with a new 13,000 sqm production hall and the installation of a state-of-the-art corrugator.

Enhancing market presence

This latest investment by the VPK Group underscores its commitment to AQUILA’s loyal customer base. Beginning in 2024, construction of the new hall at the Września plant marks a significant milestone for the company, which boasts over 18 years of delivering top-quality corrugated board products to major packaging manufacturers domestically and internationally.

"Our product and brand have quickly earned the trust of a growing number of customers at home and abroad. To maintain customer satisfaction and respond to the trust placed in us, we are investing in the quality of our paperboard. The high demand for corrugated packaging drives us to enhance our market presence, improve efficiency, and deliver exceptional customer service. Our main focus is installing a new corrugator, necessitating the new hall. I’m proud of our continuous development and the dedication of our team, which enables us to achieve further success," said Jacek Kryszkiewicz, Managing Director.

Strategic investment

The scale of the investment strengthens Aquila's market position, offering customers modern and efficient production capabilities. The new investment encompasses constructing a production and warehousing hall and acquiring a new corrugator. The construction is projected to take about nine months, with the new technological line set to launch in early 2025.

"Our experienced operators at the Września plant will ensure the new corrugator quickly reaches maximum capacity. We anticipate the installation of the machine, which will enhance the quality of our raw materials for packaging production," added Lukasz Nęcki, Operations Director.

The new hall will feature a FOSBER 2.8m corrugator with a triple cross-cutter and a logistics system from SEEMI, capable of handling three different customer orders simultaneously. With a speed of 420 m/minute, the corrugator will enable AQUILA to produce up to 20 million m² of corrugated cardboard monthly.

About Aquila

AQUILA’s success in Września has facilitated further expansion with additional plants in Radomsko and Brzeg, along with VPK packaging processing development. AQUILA operates three factories across Poland, totaling 10 hectares under roof. The Września plant was followed by the Radomsko facility, which also hosts a VPK processing plant, and the newest plant in Brzeg, strategically located to serve customers in southern Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. VPK Packaging Poland has been producing packaging in Brzeg since 2021. The VPK Group, headquartered in Belgium, operates 60 plants across 20 European countries.

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