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VPK PackTech and Österbergs' building expansion to meet future growth for customers' packaging automation processes

In 2022, VPK Nordic launched their “One Stop Shop” sales strategy towards their customers. From corrugated boxes to support customers’ supply chain processes, to Points of Sales material to put products and brands in the spotlight. Thanks to PackTech, they can go the extra mile and offer their customers packing automation solutions fitting their production processes.

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What exactly is PackTech?

PackTech is the entity within VPK Nordic responsible for selling equipment and service for box erecting machines. It offers automated wrapping solutions, box erectors and some additional automation solutions (such as palletising and foiling).  In 2022, VPK Nordic decided to give the sister company within the VPK Group additional management support to go for growth. It soon became clear that PackTech solutions are the perfect fit for customers looking for integrated solutions: high-quality boxes as well as automation lines.

Tommy Proitz was appointed General Manager for PackTech. Tommy was previously Sales Director for VPK Norway and already had PackTech under his responbility. But the entity deserved much more attention in order to meet the new challenges.

Why is PackTech so important?

Compared to some other competitors in the corrugated box business, PackTech and its solutions allow VPK Nordic to offer an integrated service package to their customers. It brings completely other type of discussions, where topics such as efficiency in customers’ production processes can be addressed. Moreover, the Packtech team consists of technicians in charge of the installation, as well as maintenance and repair of the machines.

Where are these machines produced?

Core-business machines are made at Österbergs, the joint-venture near Gotheburg. Österbergs has around 28 employees, from machine designers to software specialists. Even though they have standardised platforms for these machines, each machine is tailor-made and therefore requires a lot of engineering. They are assembled, built and tested (with the customer’s products) at the factory. Once the preliminary tests are concluded, the machine is shipped to the customer’s plant. There, the machine is connected to the processes and tested again.

Does Österbergs have sufficient capacity to accommodate further growth? 

Absolutely. The plant was expanded and got an additional assembling workshop of 800 sqm. By doing so, the capacity of the plant has strongly increased and also allows more complex machines with long automated processes. As a result, PackTech now has additional capacity to expand in the Nordic area.