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Support for Ukraine

The devastating situation in Ukraine impacts everyone on a humanitarian, economic and global scale. As a company, our hearts go out to the people of Ukraine. We stand together as a Group to provide help and assistance to those in need. 

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Because we #care

As we know, the largest number of people leaving Ukraine went to Poland, followed by Romania. Our sites in Poland and Romania have been in the most prominent position, and they have provided essential humanitarian help. 

In Romania, through a partnership with the Caritas Foundation and the Oradea Community Foundation, VPK has donated boxes and goods for Ukrainian refugees. Oradea Community Foundation is already an established charity partner for the local community and now works as a central point of contact for the refugee project. On the borders VPK has also been supplying sandwiches, and also making hot food at reception centres through partnerships with local schools. For those that have remained in Ukraine, vital medicines and donations have also been sent. 

AQUILA and VPK Packaging in Poland made a donation for the town WrzeĊ›nia to help refugees from Ukraine. The rest of the money is to be transferred locally to other local governments and cities where our plants in Poland operate. 

Country site support

In addition, across the VPK Group, our employees have organised donations of supplies from staff and customers. Among other things, canned food, blankets, clothes and hygiene products were donated to people in Ukrainian towns and small villages, as well as donating boxes to local charities to provide vital logistic support. 

We have also provided financial support to the towns and municipalities where the VPK and AQUILA factories in Poland are located. 

Via our own local transports, the goods left for our VPK and AQUILA sites in Poland and Romania. From there, the collected goods were distributed to local charities and refugee centres to provide vital support.  

Continuing support

As this huge humanitarian crisis continues, VPK Group will continue to provide support and help to those in need. Our thoughts remain with the Ukranian people and we thank our valued employees for their dedication and care during these difficult times.