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Alizay - VPK Group orders 450 KT paper machine rebuild

VPK Group launches the conversion of the DA Alizay industrial site, located in the Normandy region, into a hub for sustainable development in the circular economy. VPK Group announces to carry out the rebuilding of the paper machine with Valmet Oyj.

Alizay Paper Machine VPK Group has set clear plans to convert the Alizay paper mill into a recycled paper based production site with long-term sustainable development in the circular economy. As the next step in this project, VPK Group has now ordered the conversion of the existing paper machine with Valmet, the Finnish leading developer and supplier of technologies for the paper industry. 

The rebuild will be realised in the second half of 2022 with a start-up planned at the end of the year. The machine will have a net production width of 8.8 m and an annual capacity of 450.000 tons of lightweight 70-135 g/m² recycled container board.

Integrated model

The Alizay site will consume 650.000 tons of recovered paper and board, collected in France, for the production of container board at VPK and deinked pulp at IPP. 

With 14 corrugators in France, Belgium and the United Kingdom, VPK is an important and unique net buyer of recycled container board in markets around Normandy. The conversion of the paper machine therefore fits perfectly within VPK's internal integration model. It enables VPK to meet its needs internally, to secure the output of Alizay paper production and to further strengthen the group’s position.

The on-site corrugator will be dedicated to produce innovative and protective fit-to-size e-commerce packaging, specifically designed to meet the needs of the e-commerce fulfilment centres nearby. Production will start in the third quarter of 2022, 4 months ahead of the paper machine. 

Sustainable production process

In our business operations, we strive for a sustainable production process, reducing and greening the energy we use. The biomass power station on the Alizay site will supply decarbonated steam and electricity to the installation, resulting in a low energy consumption and reducing the group's carbon footprint. 

The Alizay Sustainable Development Hub actively contributes to the environmental, economic and industrial development of the Normandy region. The revitalization of the historic industrial site ensures the stability and development of highly qualified jobs and creates added value from locally recovered secondary raw materials. 

About VPK Group 

The Belgian private VPK Group produces recycled paper, corrugated cardboard packaging, solid board packaging and cores. VPK has a strong presence in France with three paper mills, nine corrugated box plants and one core winding plant. In addition to VPK Packaging, VPK Group’s overall brand portfolio includes Corex for the production of core board and cores, Smart Packaging Solutions for the production of solid board packaging and Aquila for the production of corrugated board sheets. Employing over 6.500 people across 70 locations in 20 countries, the group records a turnover of €1.6 billion.