Designed for maximum strength

Strong Construction

Designed to withstand pressure and excellent for unstable masses


A cost-effective alternative to sacks and boxes

Ideal for Storage

The Ocatbin's construction is ideal for storage and transportation

Low Weight

Our octabins have low weight and are easy to handle

Octabins designed to withstand heavy loads

The octabin is a very strong construction method that is designed to withstand heavy loads and internal pressure and have excellent bursting strength. At the same time, they weigh little and are easily handled and filled, which makes them ideal for storing and transportation of unstable masses and goods. The secret lies in the structure, the eight sides and the eight corners, and they are a cost-effective alternative to sacks and boxes made of other, less environmentally friendly materials.


Optimized for transportation and storage

We have standard solutions of different sizes and properties, and we can make special solutions with strengthened sides on demand. All these products are made to match pallets sizes and can be stacked. This simplifies stock-keeping, logistics and transportation, which leads to a sound business and substantial environmental gain. Your customers will also appreciate the environmental aspect of the packaging itself, the fact that all of it can be recycled.

If you want print on the octabins as a means of image-building and branding, our designers can help you with suggestions.

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