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Tubes, cores and edge protectors

Corex is the cores, tubes and edge protectors division of VPK Packaging Group. Their strategic network of 29 production sites, spread across 16 countries, from Europe to Asia and North America  produce coreboard for various applications, as well as a range of converted products: spiral and parallel wound cores and tubes, edge protectors and consumer packaging.
In 2019, VPK acquired the European and Chinese businesses of Corenso. Since then, the new cores division Corex combines a unique geographic spread with unparalleled experience and technical know-how.

Spiral or parallel wound tubes and cores

Spiral wound tubes are used in a wide variety of applications: film, foil, flexible packaging, paper, textiles, yarns, metals and many other reeled goods. We produce the appropriate tube or core exactly for your needs and specifications, with diameters up to 635 mm and wall thicknesses of 1 to over 20 mm. We can provide a variety of special treatments for the exterior finish: a seamless, smooth outer surface, a film covered outer strip, a variety of printing (with company name and/or logo), embossed or self-adhesive outer strip.

Composite cans and cores and tubes for consumer packaging

Tube packaging is an excellent way to add value to your brand and stand out on the shelf. There’s a sheer range of possibilities. From foods to cosmetics – from fashion to electronics – from luxury to pragmatic. This is what we specialise in, with our main mission being: to spread your message. Learn more about the countless varieties, closing and finishing solutions in our brochure. 

The core of our business is you

Our sustainable cores and tubes solutions are made from recycled fibres. Decades of experience have contributed to our high level of technical expertise. But what makes us truly unique, is our customer centricity.

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A strategic geographic spread, including three coreboard mills

The Corex division includes 3 coreboard mills and 29 converting plants spread across 16 countries. 
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