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Water and energy

Kokerfabriek van Corex in Deerlijk
Core winding plant, Deerlijk

Energy sustainability at VPK

Just a few of the projects being implemented across VPK to accelerate our path towards a circular economy

Our mill in Oudegem is totally energy self-sufficient. It has its own installations to generate 120 tons of steam per hour and 25 MW of electricity. It’s also one of the most energy-efficient mills in Europe. This is due to the way primary energy is converted to secondary energy, combined with optimisation of the production process.

Blue Paper mill, Strasbourg
Photovoltaic (PV) panels installed on the roofs of our corrugated board mill in Aalst and the core winding plant in Deerlijk (both in Belgium) produce up to 1700 MWh of green electricity per year. That’s roughly equivalent to the average power consumption of nearly 600 households. The vast majority of it – around 70% – is consumed by the mills themselves, with the rest being fed into the national grid. 

At Blue Paper in Strasbourg, a brand new power plant converts residual materials into energy. This leads to a more sustainable paper factory that consumes 80% less natural gas and manages its residual fractions more efficiently.
VPK Oudegem
Water treatment installation, Oudegem

Saving water

Thanks to a closed loop water treatment system, our Longjumeau plant discharges zero industrial water

At our corrugated packaging plant in Longjumeau near Paris, the installation of a closed loop water treatment system allows us to entirely reuse the industrial cleaning water for new glue preparation. The cleaning water from the converting machines is first collected. It is then recycled and injected directly into the second glue preparation phase. Through this innovative process, no industrial waste water is discharged. Moreover, the plant uses 70% less fresh water, significantly less starch, and cleaning times are half what they used to be.

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Recycled paper is the basis of all our packaging products. Our paper mills are at the forefront of innovation in terms of energy efficiency. We continuously invest to close the production loop, supporting the circular economy, and putting all of our resources – including energy, water, materials and waste streams – to the best possible use.

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