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Increase shelf life

Research indicates that fruit stays fresh for three days longer in corrugated trays than in reusable plastic crates

Corrugated packaging makes fresh produce last longer because it prevents contamination. This is due to the very high temperatures applied during the manufacturing process, which are generally between 180°C and 200°C. The material itself reaches temperatures of at least 100°C three times: once during the manufacture of the paper itself, and twice during the process of conversion to corrugated board. The result is packaging that is clean and hygienic. This in turn avoids food spoilage during transport, in warehouses and supermarkets, and at the consumer’s home.

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It’s no surprise to discover that paper-based packaging – either corrugated board or solid board – is the packaging of choice for fruit and vegetables. It keeps this produce fresh from farm to store. Indeed, research has shown that fruit stays fresh for up to three more days in corrugated trays than in reusable plastic crates. The key reason is that corrugated packaging significantly reduces contamination from pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms. This decreases the risk of food-borne diseases and increases the shelf life of fruit and vegetables, contributing to their freshness, scent, appearance and taste. Moreover, each package is used for only one delivery. This is particularly important for fruit and vegetables, bread, eggs, meat products, and other perishable items.

Packaging solutions to increase shelf life

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