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Ample warehouse and ERP integration are just two ways to streamline packaging logistics

At the end of a production process, goods need to be packed as efficiently and smoothly as possible. This can throw up a number of issues. For example, packaging stock. Do you operate with a make-to-stock or make-to-order approach? In a make-to-order process, your production orders are driven by sales orders. In make-to-stock, production planning is based on a sales forecast for a certain period, for example a month, quarter or year. Especially if you operate with a make-to-stock approach, you may experience some challenges in stocking your packaging, which is why at VPK we offer vast warehousing capabilities.

ERP integration

An ERP software system enables the logistical process. It gives a company full traceability of materials throughout the supply chain, from purchase and inspection right through to manufacturing, stocking, sales and delivery. VPK’s ERP systems can be fully integrated with those of our customers. This ERP integration allows for real-time monitoring of product flows, which has multiple benefits. For example, during seasonal or sudden peaks of sales, it can be more efficient to have an automated flow of packaging supply. This avoids stock interruption and improves cost efficiency.

Packaging solutions for logistical challenges

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Ample warehousing and ERP integration are just two ways we seek to ease the strain and stresses of packaging logistics. Our logistics experts are always happy to discuss your specific logistical challenges.

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