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Smooth your packing process

Is your packaging process manual or automated? And could it be optimised? The impact of your packaging extends to the production efficiency of your packing lines.

Why the perfect design of your boxes matters for the efficiency of your packing lines 

What packaging process do you run at your plant? Whether it’s a manual (often the case for e-commerce) or an automated process, you are constantly aware that it needs to run as smoothly, safely and efficiently as possible.

For manual processes, it’s important to make the packaging process both ergonomic and as efficient as possible. Auto-lock bottom boxes can offer a solution here. 4-point or 6-point glued boxes also offer very short set-up times for manual processes.

In the case of automated packaging processes, the boxes should run as smoothly as possible on the packaging lines. Issues that may occur here include delamination of the flutes (when the layers of the cardboard become separated), print deficiency (when colours fade), or gap problems (when boxes aren’t correctly folded and glued). This is why quality standards, product design experience and after-sales service levels are paramount when chosing the right packaging supplier.

Let us help you optimize your packing process

Here's a selection of packaging solutions you can benefit from

Zero defect packaging

Our aim is to provide our customers with zero defect packaging. To achieve this objective we use camera systems to ensure our machines comply with the most stringent quality levels. The VPK group has technical engineers who are experienced in assessing all kinds of packaging processes. They have a deep knowledge of packaging machines and are frequently consulted to recommend improvements to packaging lines. Do you want to take advantage of their skillsets and experience?

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