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Twinings strikes gold with innovative uncoated board packaging

Eye-catching box with unusual metallic effects make boxes of tea stand out

Premium tea brand Twinings has always focused on delivering its quality blends in exceptional packaging. In a recent packaging upgrade, Twinings moved from a printed flexible bag to a printed corrugated box for its wholesaler market. However, the company was concerned that the desired print quality would not be achieved on an uncoated board, particularly in respect to the quality of the Twinings gold logo.

VPK UK pushes the printing boundaries

It was the kind of project that appealed to VPK in the UK – because it involved pushing the boundaries with its printing techniques. The solution offered was an eye-catching box printed using Antonine inks and an unusual metallic effect. To achieve this, the production team ran a process tone colour behind the gold to give it a real stand-out appearance. Twinings was delighted with the end result. They were especially impressed that excellent printing of the gold tones could be achieved on an uncoated board. VPK in the UK (previously known as Rigid) won an EFIA award for the packaging.

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