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Belgian expansion: start-up Cartonneries de Wallonie

VPK Packaging group is investing 6.5 million EUR for the start of its operations in Courcelles, near Charleroi, in the French speaking part of Belgium. The new subsidiary will operate under the dedicated brand Cartonneries de Wallonie. The Group's first site in Belgium's southern part will focus on the production and distribution of corrugated packaging.

The new company is set up to meet the increasing demand for corrugated packaging with “stock & serve” lead times. Equipped with converting equipment and digital printing machinery, the site will be pre-eminently fit to produce and supply with a high service level. The existing VPK sites in the surrounding area will complete both product offer and services. 

“Our Group has known a successful history of local entrepreneurship. The start-up in Wallonia is therefore fully in line with our proven corporate strategy. We are looking forward to expanding our local market presence as well as enlarging our services towards existing customers”, states CEO Pierre Macharis.