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Continuity and solidarity during the Corona crisis

The past month will go down in the history books as the first month in which we faced the impact of an unprecedented global pandemic, making its mark on everyone's life. A state of affairs within VPK Group.

Guaranteed continuity of the supply chain

The disruptive nature of the Corona crisis paralyzed many sectors overnight. The packaging sector is not one of them. On the contrary. With an increased demand for food and hygiene products, and the necessity to get essential goods onto the store shelves as quickly as possible, the demand for packaging is also increasing. This underlines once more the essential role of packaging within the logistics chain.

VPK makes every effort to fulfill its societal role in guaranteeing the continuity of the supply chain. Despite challenging conditions, we continue to produce on all sites to this day. In addition, we try to respond to changing customer needs during these times of crisis with the highest possible reactivity and agility. Our design teams remain ready to support an accelerated start-up of ecommerce business, now that many physical points of sale remain closed.

Solidarity and unity are essential

We are determined to provide our customers with the best possible service, even in unseen times of crisis. In doing so, we can count on the dedication and motivation of more than 6,200 employees. Just like the personnel in the healthcare sector or the retail chains, they too are true heroes. Solidarity and unity, across national borders, are highly important factors in this respect. And that is also reflected in the countless solidarity actions towards local communities. In several countries VPK donates protective material or boxes for the assembly of aid packages.

In addition, last week VPK donated a special gift to Doctors Without Borders to build a reception and triage center for the homeless and migrants in Brussels.
CEO Pierre Macharis: “Across national borders, our different divisions put their best foot forward to meet the current needs of the local communities. The VPK group has a very strong organizational culture, thanks to the contribution of all. We continue to maintain a consistent long-term vision, with strong values. That way our company will be able to weather this storm.”