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Improved display service thanks to new plotters and digital printer

Peterson's Display plant in Sarpsborg (Norway) has recently installed two new plotters. These are the ideal equipment for production of both displays and smaller production runs for corrugated packaging. The digital printer that was installed last year completes the in-house capacity to produce high-class displays and packaging within ultra-fast delivery times.

Finest plotting technology

At the beginning of Summer Peterson’s display plant near Sarpsborg received two new Elitron Kombo TAV-R plotters, a totally automatic die-less cutting system for packaging and displays with a working area up to 3200mm x 2200mm. This recent model comes with the latest technology to increase overall performance. 

Thanks to dual cutting heads per plotter instead of one, output capacity almost doubles compared to traditional plotting tables. A fully integrated loading system with elevating platform reduces loading times. Furthermore, the take off system is fully automated. In addition, patented software is used for the reading and recognition system. 

The new plotters are put in line with the recently installed HP 15500 UV digital printer, to combine excellent plotting and printing results.

  Faster production, better quality

Having in-house plotting and digital printing capacity offers real added value for our customers. It is the ideal equipment to create new packaging and display innovations and allows the customer to experience and assess a live versionof the required product. And of course it is perfect for producing a high quality finished product, covering displays, POS material or packaging solutions in smaller runs, within ultra-short delivery times.

Learn more about our displays

Displays are the cream of the crop of corrugated cardboard. The possibilities are unlimited, the applications countless and the results amazing. The ideal way to boost the impact of your point of sale. This requires a specialized contact point. That is why we have different sites dedicated to the production of displays.

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