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VPK and Klingele join forces to invest in Peterson

Six months after the acquisition of Peterson by VPK Packaging Group, Klingele and VPK have announced that they will join forces to continue investing in the Scandinavian business unit.

In October 2016, the Scandinavian packaging group Peterson was acquired by VPK Packaging Group from its previous owner,Pemco. The Peterson group manufactures corrugated cardboard packaging in six sites in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, achieving a total turnover of EUR 160 million.

To guarantee future growth in the Nordic market, an extensive investment plan has been launched in all three countries. This master plan, in which Klingele now participates through a 26% shareholding, will focus on quality certification, product innovation and productivity increase.

With support from two dynamic and experienced packaging manufacturers, Peterson aims to further capitalise on the potential of the Scandinavian market to strengthen its market position. Klingele and VPK will be extending an existing and fruitful partnership with this project.

Continuing a European partnership

Back in 2013, Klingele and VPK co-funded the successful conversion of the Blue Paper mill in Strasbourg, France, which today ranks among the top units in Europe within its category. The partnership in Scandinavia will further expand this successful collaboration into the corrugated packaging sector. 

Blue Box Partners (BBP) is the leading European network of four like-minded packaging manufacturers: VPK Packaging Group, Klingele, Hinojosa and Cart-One. It was founded more than 10 years ago to meet the needs of European customers. Today, BBP employs 8,000 staff in 68 sites, from Norway to Spain, and from Ireland to Romania, achieving a turnover of over EUR 2 billion. The interest in Peterson supports this European network.