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Customised Boxes

Perfectly adapted to your packaging requirements

Corrugated cardboard is a highly flexible material which can be assembled and printed on in many ways, in order to fully fit your needs. We can help you find a cost-efficient and beneficial solution for your products with special requirements.


There are many considerations involved in the process of making an optimised packaging product, e.g. with respect to cost-driven factors like storage and transportation. Tell us more about your product, its volumes, your design plans, how the products will be stored and how they will be distributed to the end customer. Based on your input, our experience and knowledge of the industry, we can discuss all possible solutions. We design, construct and test a proposition in close dialogue with you, to be developed when you are satisfied.

Perfectly adapted

Customised boxes are made to perform optimally throughout the value chain.

Improve your profitability

Tailoring your packaging often means improving your profitability.

Manual or automatic packing

Our technical consultants can help you optimise your packing process.

Reduce costs

Optimizing logistics and increasing your turnover

Find out what customised boxes can offer for your business

Customising your corrugated packaging products allows for specific benefits. Find out more about the applications below.

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