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VPK invests in new digital printer

VPK’s site in Courcelles (Belgium) - Cartonneries de Wallonie (CDW) - specialises in smaller production runs and digital printing. The investment in a new digital printer will enable the site to offer a higher product quality, a wider product range, and better service.

Fast, simple and cost-efficient printing

A digital printer accelerates and simplifies the print process for small volumes. Stéphane Nennen, Regio Manager Wallonia, explains: “Flexo printing with water-based inks has to date been the most commonly used printing technique within the corrugated packaging industry. For each design we provide a new stereo with the necessary inks that will be used to print the boxes. However, this method is less flexible for smaller to medium-sized with a need for smaller print runs per design.” The new digital printer allows us to eliminate this step. All the printer needs is a digital PDF file containing all the print instructions. 

“Today, two different digital print technologies are available on the market: UV technology and water technology,” says Stéphane. “We have opted for UV technology because it allows us to process more sheets per hour.” We bought a DURST printer with maximum sheet dimensions 2500 mm x 3200 mm, which is the biggest sheet processor on the market. The site thus hopes to process more than 1 million m² of corrugated cardboard per year. “In the production process, we will connect the new machine to a new digital ZUND die-cutting machine that is capable of processing such large dimensions. These larger dimensions also enable us to offer a wider product range,” says Stéphane.