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Continuous improvement put into practice

Innovative corrugated cardboard packaging cuts material costs by 25% compared to previous solutions

With its chocolate-coated cuberdons, Geldhof Confectioners has rejuvenated a classic Belgian candy. VPK and Geldhof Confectioners worked together to put this product innovation into new corrugated cardboard packaging. Packaging that previously consisted of a separate tray and lid was replaced by single autolock packaging with integrated tray and lid. The best aspects – including rapid setting up of the autolock system – were retained.

The full-colour high graphics flexo print – for which VPK has received three EFTA awards – has been finished with a moisture-resistant coating. The photographic quality and luxury finish provide immaculate branding.

Material costs are cut by 25% by comparison with the autolock packaging with separate tray and lid. This is good news for the environment, as valuable raw materials are saved. The logistics chain has also been improved through simplified stock control and a high level of service.

Sustainable optimisation thanks to  customized packaging 

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