1. Petacheck

With PetaCheck, we uncover the potential for increased profitability in your packaging process

With PetaCheck we analyse your business and business needs. To find the optimal packaging solution, we always start with a systematic review of the entire value chain from idea to design, exposure, packaging process, logistics and returns.

The product
The analysis starts with defining the customer's specific packaging needs. We then proceed with designing and constructing a solution that meets the requirements: 

  • Quality
  • Stacking strength
  • Bursting strength
  • Design
The results of this work will often lead to reduced material consumption, less environmental impact and increased profitability.
In the next phase, we look at the production process. With the right packaging design and optimized packaging solutions, you can achieve significant savings by changing or adjusting the following: 

  • Staffing
  • Sealing
  • Weight and packaging requirements
  • Units produced per minute
Peterson PackTech is our specialists in designing good packaging lines, helping our customers with the right machine selection, installation, commissioning, operation and support.

Logistics and distribution
As a result of the work done up to this point in the process, we have all the prerequisites for optimizing the remaining part of the value chain. The product is optimized for stacking on pallets and provides resource savings in transport and storage.

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