1. Hexagonal boxes and dumpers

Hexagonal boxes and dumpers

Hexagonal boxes and dumpers are spacious and economical display solutions with exceptional strength and versatility. The gain is high predictability and profitability.

In collaboration with you as a customer, we develop unique display solutions. Often it is the small details that make the big differences and the secret of the hexagons lies in the shape. The six edges and corners give these boxes an extra robustness that allows them to stand upright without support, even when filling them with products. They are strong enough to use in a busy retail and easy enough to be moved.

Our hexagonal hexagon boxes and dumpers are designed for durability and space efficiency, and work just as well as shock sellers as dumpers. The boxes can be further strengthened and divided by the implementation of partitions, and work especially well for products with non-traditional shapes that make them difficult to place in shelves.

The display boxes come in foldable, lightweight forms that are easy to assemble and reposition, and are thus a cost-effective alternative to bags and boxes in other, less environmentally friendly materials.

Custom made
Our creative designers develop display solutions for your needs, and which meet all the requirements for an effective marketing tool. We can produce hexagonal boxes and dumpers of any color, style and size, and the choice of material allows us to decorate the product with the desired branding.

VPK Packaging is committed to sustainable development, wood and paper recycling, and promotes responsible resource management. We only use environmentally friendly materials in production.

By designing display solutions in recycled and fully sustainable corrugated cardboard, VPK Packaging ensures that your hexagonal boxes and dumpers are lightweight, efficient to pack for transport, quick to assemble on site and easy to recycle. This ensures reduced transport costs, efficient handling and thus lower total costs.

Designed for durability and space efficiency

Cost-effective alternative

Easy to recycle

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