Our Case erectors are very user friendly, flexible and ergonomically correct. We specialize in making the end of your production line work smoothly and without interruption.

Our selection of tape machines covers everything from the simplest needs, with the semi-automatic top and bottom sealing, to those that automatically adjust the box size and seals them.

Top and bottom sealer L15CS 

Tape width
1 1/2", 2"

Belt speed
23 meters/minute

(L) 120mm ~∞

Power supply
100/110/220/230/240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 1-Phase

Power consumption

User friendly, flexible and ergonomically correct

Streamlines the end of production line

Avaliable in manual, semi-automatic and automatic versions

Other machines

WA Machines

The W50 is a very flexible and user-friendly machine with short set up time.
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Case Erector and Sealer

Our case erectors and sealers are user-friendly, flexible and ergonomically correct.
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Machines for Trays

The S4 is a tray erector that retrieves sheets directly from the pallet.
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Palletisers that meet high demands on reliability, flexibility and ease of use
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Lanes and conveyor belts

VPK PackTech delivers complete package lines.
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Stretch wrap machine

We offer a wide selection of semi and fully automatic stretch wrap machines.
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